I am an animal that has four legs and soft skin, that is olive green, brown or grey in colour. There are holes in the side of my head that act as ears. From head to tail I grow to between 30 and 75 centimeters long.


I am endemic to NZ. I am endangered so I can only be found in places like nature reserves and zoos. My kind also inhabits some offshore islands with low scrub, in Cook Strait and off the northeastern part of the north island.


I am a carnivore so I eat a range of different foods from birds eggs to small reptiles and mammals. My strong teeth help me crush the shells of beetles and some insects.


I am the last living species of a group of animals called beak heads. My species are very ancient because we have lived on earth for 200 million years, so I have a big evolution story behind me. My name is Maori and means peaks on the back. I have three eyes- one is called a Parietal eye. It triggers my hormone production and it also tells me the changes in day and night.

I am a reptile, that people would be lucky to see because I am nocturnal.

What am I?