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About the author Jazzy Hi my name is Jazinta Byles. I am nine years old. I live in Whangarei in New Zealand on a farm. My date of birth was June the 16 in 2008. My favourite subjects are art, maths and writing. My best friends are Tiana , Lily, Katie, Kate, Cordell, Coralee, Mason, Harper, Atawhai, Beau and Abby. My family is Bradley my brother, mum, nana and Popeye. My pets are Lucky, Sammy and Star our dogs. Star is a German shepherd, Lucky is a labrador and Sammy is a guard dog. I like Star because she is so fluffy, Lucky is cute and Sammy is always up to mischief. I have a cat called Ginger Tom I like him because he is so soft to stroke and we also have a bird called Pretty Boy. I like him because he talks. But now Bradley lives in Parua Bay with my grandparents and he is very happy there. He has a building job with my Uncle Brad.

Riding Tokerau

Daily News  Riding Tokerau It was another Sunday, but today was a special Sunday it was Jazzy's birthday. She was heading to Tokerau beach on the 16th of June. Tokerau Beach is 14km long, Jazzy [...]

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Plastic is a man-made item that it is made with oil and harmful chemicals. It has been around for more than 50 years.   Plastic comes in many shapes and different sizes and many colours. [...]

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Jazzy ‘s Pepha

Ko Ranginui ki runga Ko Papatuanuku ki raro Ko Onekainga te Maunga Ko Te Wairahi te Awa Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te Waka Ko Whakapaumahara te Marae Ko Ngati Rehua te Hapu Ko Ngati Wai te Iwi [...]

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