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Hi my name is Lachlan but everyone calls me Lachie. I am 10 years old. My birthdate is 9/7/2008. I have lots of pets including 4 horses, a dog, a cat and some cows. My hobby is riding horses. I can jump a metre 20. I haven't got a favourite animal because I love them all equally. I live on the south side of Whananaki Whangarei New Zealand. I have 3 siblings and they are all adults so I often visit them but one sadly lives in Spain. My favorite season is summer because I get to go swimming 4 times a day two hours at a time and go to the dairy about 5 times a day. I also go show jumping on my ponies in Winter because I get to go hunting on horses like in England but instead of hunting foxes we hunt hares and instead of jumping drains we jump logs on fences and some drains. We also crack and carry stock whips all on horseback. kind of crazy am I right?

My Bridge

   Every morning and evening I ride my bike across the Whananaki footbridge to and from school. This wooden bridge is the longest footbridge in the Southern Hemisphere and it is 395 metres long I'm [...]

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Lachlan’s Pepeha

Ka tangi te tītī, ka tangi te kākā, ka tangi hoki ahau tihei wa mauri ora   Ko Rangitoto toku Maunga Ko Otiria  toku Awa Ko Mataatua toku waka Ko Tahahiwai toku marae Ko Te [...]

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