General Information


New Zealand law requires that children must be at school except in special circumstances such as illness etc. A note signed by the parents or caregiver stating reasons for the child/ children’s absence should be sent to the class teacher as soon as possible. A phone call on the day of absence is an alternative appreciated by staff, although a written explanation is required.

Access to pupils

Should special circumstances relating to pupils or if custody rulings apply to your child/children, please advise the principal and provide copies of appropriate court orders or documents.

Accidents at school

Parents/caregivers will always be advised of any injury to child/children if staff consider the injury sufficiently serious.

Book Club

The school is affiliated to the Scholastic New Zealand Book Club, which provides a range of graded reading material at reasonable prices. There are two issues per term. Children are provided with an illustrated order form to take home. Books arrive approximately two weeks after orders are placed. There is no obligation to purchase these items.


It is important that children understand the value of hygiene and presentation. Children should take pride in their appearance not only at school, but also when representing the school in sports or school excursions. The staff appreciate if clothing is named for easy identification. Parents are welcome to inspect the Lost Property basket in the school foyer.

Colds and Flu

It is preferred that children with heavy cold and flu symptoms are kept at home until fully recovered.  This is to prevent the spread of infection.  It is also recommended that if children have been ill during the night, they be kept at home until fully recovered.

Dental Treatment

The dental nurse visits our school approximately once a year, in a mobile trailer. The children’s teeth are checked and necessary work is done when permission slips are returned. Pre-schoolers can also fill out an enrolment form and have their teeth checked also.

School Rules

We have in place a Behaviour Management Policy that is based around, making ‘choices’.  We have a set of school rules and classroom rules but encourage children to make positive ‘choices’ by discussing Values and Key Competencies with them.


During the Summer months the children swim in the pool at the Whananaki Motor Camp as part of their physical education programme.  The children must bring their swim wear and a towel, unless a note is given to the teacher explaining why the child cannot swim.

Taking Children From School

It is sometimes necessary for parents to take children from school during school hours.  Please advise the class teacher when the child/children are leaving as this will save confusion and worry as to the child/ children’s where abouts.  When a child/ children are absent please advise the school preferably in the morning as this ensures the safety of the child/children to and from your home/school.

Use Of School Grounds

The schools facilities are available to all members of the Whananaki community. We ask that everyone respect our outdoor equipment and take responsibility for their children outside school hours.


Children can bring their bike, scooter, skateboard etc.  The children can ride their bikes within the school grounds. We have helmets for all students and a variety of bikes, skateboards and scooters for everyone to use.


We have established a Whanau (family or house system) that encourages children to participate confidently in every area of school life. It has proven to be beneficial and successful for both staff and children.