Remember The Holidays

Remember when we paid a lot of money to get our food organized before the movies started and we packed the popcorn and fizzy drinks and stumbled through the mystical door? Remember when I went to [...]

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Cheesy Broccoli Muffins

Yesterday Room 3 and Jill made some cheesy broccoli muffins. We grated some cheese and we cracked some eggs. Jill turned the oven on to warm it up. Jill poured the flour into the cup. [...]

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Sock Puppets

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Happy Planet

My planet is called Happy Planet. Everyone is jolly and happy about learning and creating. The children used to be miserable but now they are all happy. It rains happiness on this planet and never [...]

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Ruma Toru- Room 3

Welcome to Ruma Toru - Room 3. We are a class of Year 0 to 3 and we do our learning on the banks of the Whananaki Estuary. We are smart, we love fun, we [...]

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