One Exciting Week

As I woke up from my sleep I opened the curtains, it was bright. It was like saying, “today is the day!” But I said “No. ”So I closed the curtains and hoped back into bed and I went to sleep. Brody woke me up so I  played video games. So I got up again and made breakfast. This cycle went on for a week.

Monday had to be the most exciting day of all. My cousins (Jake, Lea and Ana) came up from Christchurch. Brody had to be the most excited because he had a play buddy. Me (on the other hand) had no one because the only cousin that is like me is JJ(and he was in town). My first idea was to drown myself in video games but I thought I might make the most of it. So I played with my cousins. First we played tag, then we watched tv and nothing else happened. So I played video games.


This is where I had fun! I my aunt came with my cousin JJ. The fun started, we played video games… well he played video games, we just watched. Soon my cousin Jake realized we had minecraft. So I showed him how to play and he was off. The only time he came off was at Lunch, Diner and when I said to.


My holidays were too long, too boring and I got ripped off this time.