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Kyrin Edge

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Hi my name is Kyrin. I’m 8 years old and my birthday is the 13 of January. I have been reading a book called “The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.” I have 2 cats, 1 dog and 3 hens as pets. I have 2 younger siblings called Conner and Braxton. My hobby is riding motorbikes. My favourite season is Summer because we get to swim and go fishing on my poppa’s boat. My favorite toy is my rubik’s cube.

Kyrin’s pepeha

Ka tangi te tītī, ka tangi te kākā, ka tangi hoki ahau tihei wa mauri ora   Ko Tautari toku Maunga Ko Manga-O-Rongo  toku Awa Ko Tainui toku waka Ko Otaki toku marae   Ko Edge toku Whanau   Ko [...]

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Box Jellyfish

  Box Jellyfish are one of the most dangerous sea creatures in the world. Even when they are dead they can still sting people. They are carnivores so they only eat meat like small fish. [...]

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