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Hi! I’m Vance so today I will be telling you about my self. Food...I like Mexican food and crispy burgers I find in my house. Hobby? My favourite hobby is Minecraft because I can defeat the Ender Dragon. Pixel gun 3d! I like pixel gun 3d because you can go around shooting people. Animal? My favorite animals are dogs. puppies and cat and kittens. I am a 7 year old boy. I was born in 2010. I live on Onekainga at the top of the mountain. I have a brother named Zane and a sister named Indigo. Zane is 6 and Indigo is 4.

Is Littering Wrong?

I think littering is getting worse than ever and it should come to an end. Littering is killing most of our animals especially fish, birds, crocodiles, and underground animals. Littering happens from people dropping their [...]

By |15th October 2018|Classes, Ruma Tahi|2 Comments

Vance’s Pepeha

Vance’s Pepeha Ko Ranginui ki runga Ko Papatuanuku ki raro Ko Onekainga te Maunga Ko Te Wairahi te Awa Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te Waka Ko Whakapaumahara te Marae Ko Ngati Rehua te Hapu Ko Ngati Wai [...]

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