The kiwi is a native New Zealand bird. There are five different kinds of kiwi like brown kiwi, rowi, big spotted kiwi, little spotted kiwi and the other one I forgot.

Kiwi are a smallish bird about the size of a domestic chicken. They are brown, fluffy but mostly shaggy. They have strong legs, nostrils, a long bill tiny wings and have no tail.

Kiwi eat a variety of different foods. They eat a variety of worms arachnids, small crayfish, insects, small eels, small invertebrates, amphibians , grubs, seeds and a lot of different types of fruit.

Kiwis breed baby kiwis by laying an egg then sitting on it for 16 to 20 days. They would prefer laying their eggs at night. They incubate their egg in burrows, hollow trees and logs.

Another fact I know is that their population is 68.000.

I think the kiwi is a great bird and I will make sure no one kills their population.