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Hi my name is Grace Waetford and I am eight years old. I was born on July the 19th 2010. My favourite sport is gymnastics. I am an amazing self taught gymnast. I can do backflips, back handsprings and all the basic stuff. I started doing gymnastics at about the age of 5 and a half. That is when I started doing my first front flip. My all-time favourite foods are pizza and french fries. My favourite animals are pandas and cats. I used to have a pet named Whaiaipo which means sweetheart in Maori. I have 5 siblings and they are called Stacy, Tara, Uru, Shannon, and Tiron. Good, you have learned a bit about me now and I might see you again later.

The Poor Knights

    The Poor Knights Islands are a Marine Reserve off the Tutukaka coast. It is a group of rocky Islands surrounded by water full of wonderful fish.   It is three islands with cliffs and lots [...]

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Grace’s Pepeha

Ka tangi te tītī, ka tangi te kākā, ka tangi hoki ahau tihei wa mauri ora Ko Onekainga te Maunga Ko Te wairahi te Awa Ko Matatua te Waka Ko Whakapaumahara te Marae Ko Ngatihine [...]

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