A challenge is something that is not always easy to do at first. But it is something that you put effort into.


I have many challenges that I am trying to do. My first challenge is to clean my room. To achieve my first challenge I will clean it bit by bit every day. For example, on Monday I can clean the first part of my room like making my bed and cleaning out my clothes drawers. On Tuesday I can clean my shelves and pick up the things off my floor. Then finally I will vacuum my floor then I will have a nice tidy room.


My next challenge will be to keep it clean. How I can do that is after I finish doing what I am doing I will pick up my mess leaving a nice tidy room.


My next challenge is at school. I have to learn most of my tables. To learn them I can count in my 4s, 5s, and 8 and all of those numbers. Soon I will memorise counting them and I will get the hang of it.


There are many challenges in life. Once you complete one. another will pop up. But that is just what happens so you just gotta have a good attitude and complete them with grit and determination.