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Hi, my name is Pita Mita-Warren I live in Whangarei I was born in 2010. My family are Jenna, Vince and two brothers that are called Heremaia and Tamanui. I have one dog and one cat. My cat’s name is Mitsee and my dog’s name is Show Gun. My Birthday is on 12th March. My favourite thing to do is going to the movies to watch new movies. I play Fortnite and Minecraft. My friend's names are Vance, Teina and Kellan. I like playing on the tramp with my friends. We play Basketball on Wednesday and we play against teams and our coach is Mr.T. My favourite food is sushi, Mac Donald’s, KFC. When I grow up I'm going to be a game freak and I'm going to play Fortnite, Minecraft every day. I like playing prodigy until I get up to level 100. That’s all I have to say today so goodbye.


The Weta is a small insect but it can be the biggest insect in NZ. The Weta have hairy spiny legs. They weigh about thirty five grams. They are the biggest insect and they have six [...]

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Remember the holidays

Remember when we went to the Movies to the Life of Pets Two and Spiderman far from home with my Mum, Dad, two brothers and my cousin that’s called Raima, Henare, T.T. We had warm buttery [...]

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  A Morepork is a Native bird and its Maori name is Ruru. It’s a NZ bird and it is nocturnal. The Morepork is a Tasmanian spotted owl and they are small and brown. They [...]

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  A challenge is something that is not always easy to do at first. But if I get onto reading plus (an online reading program) that is my goal. My other challenges are to learn my [...]

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Matariki Stars

  Back in the days when Matariki stars never showed up, there were eight snappers. There were seven babies and one Mother. They lived in Rocky Bay. One day the Mother fish went to find food [...]

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  Whangarei is in the North Island of NZ and it is a small city. Whangarei is located in Northland on the East coast. There are so many things to do in Whangarei you can [...]

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Native Kiwi…

The kiwi is a Native NZ bird. There are 5 kinds of kiwi in NZ. Kiwi are a smallish bird which are about the size of a domestic chicken. They have a very long bill, [...]

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