A Morepork is a Native bird and its Maori name is Ruru. It’s a NZ bird and it is nocturnal.

The Morepork is a Tasmanian spotted owl and they are small and brown. They have a short tail, twenty- nine cm tail, weigh about one hundred and seventy-five grams and have yellow eyes.

They live in hollows, bush, trees, South Island, forest, rocks, roots, perching plants and clumps.

They lay eggs between October and December. It takes twenty-thirty days for the eggs to hatch. They can lay three eggs but generally two. They lay their eggs in hollows, tree, bush and burrows.

They eat large insects like weta huhu, beetles, moths and cicadas. They also like to eat mice, young rats and roosting birds.

They can turn their heads two hundred and seventy degrees. The female is larger than the male. They have acute hearing they can fly silently.

They are nocturnal birds.