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Kellan Henry - Hawira

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Kia ora my name Kellan Bronson Hekenui Kayne Henry-Hawira and I am nine years old. I was born in Aussie and now I live in Whananaki. I was born on 2009 October the fifth. My parent’s names are Gerard Henry and my mother’s name is Tasha Awhina-Hawira. What I like doing is going surfing, playing games and swimming at the Pools. What I don’t like doing is doing dishes, going into town and not being allowed to play games. Well you know how I said I don’t like going into town to go swimming it’s not me I get forced to because I will be home alone otherwise. My favourite food is KFC Jimmy Jacks and the Sushi shop. We go to these places a lot of times basically. When I grow up I want to be in the army or I might just be a rapper. Well, that’s all I have to say today guys so see you guys another day.

The Weta is an endemic insect of NZ   Weta have spiny legs,6 legs, hairy legs. They are the biggest insect than all insects in the world. They can grow up to 13cm tall and [...]

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Remember The Holidays

Remember the day when we went to Laser Maze and we had a lot of my cousins with me because I do. I remember we had laser guns attached to this vest that we were wearing. I even [...]

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My Challenges

A  challenge is something that is not always easy to do at first. My challenge is to try and catch up to people on Reading Plus and reach the level I´m supposed to be at. [...]

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My Place

The movie theatre was usual enough. It had popcorn, nerds, ice cream, chocolates, drinks, seats, skittles,  lollies, A big screen tv and lots of people.   My parents and I did what people do in the movies.  Threw [...]

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Kellan’s Pepeha

Ka tangi te tītī, ka tangi te kākā, ka tangi hoki ahau te hei wa mauri ora Ko Puhangatohora me Whakatere nga Maunga Ko Moehau me Waima nga Awa Ko Ngatokimawhauroa te Waka Ko Taheke [...]

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