The Weta is an endemic insect of NZ


Weta have spiny legs,6 legs, hairy legs. They are the biggest insect than all insects in the world. They can grow up to 13cm tall and they weigh about 35g. They are shiny black brown and they have huge curved tusks.


They like to live in wetlands huge grasslands, caves, under stones, logs and in forests.


They lay 300 eggs in a lifetime. They lay in summer. The female is also fed by the male Weta. They breed in forests, caves, trees and logs. There are over 70 types of Weta in NZ.


The Wetapunga favourite food is leaves,  plants, fruit, carrots and other small insects.

They can protect themselves pretty well. They got their name Wetapunga means the god of ugly things.



I like Weta because they can kill the flies bugs and other stuff I don’t like.