A Morepork is a native bird in NZ.

The Morepork is a Tasmanian spotted owl and it’s small and brown. It has two huge yellow eyes. They weigh about 175g and they are 29cm tall. Morepork like to live in burrows, hollow trees, clumps, perching plants, rocks, roots, bushes and native exotic forest. They mostly live in the South Island but you can hear a lot of them in the North Island too.
They lay their egg between October and December. It will take 20 to 30 days for the egg to incubate. They can lay 3 eggs but generally 2. They lay them in burrows, clumps, hollow trees and perching plants.

They like to eat large insects like weta huhu beetles moths and cicadas. They also like to eat small mammals like mice and young rats. They even eat roosting birds.

The Morepork can turn their head 270 degrees. The female morepork is a  larger bird than the male.