A challenge is something that is not easy to achieve but if you keep trying and trying you will be able to achieve that goal.

My challenge is to manage myself and try to be a responsible class leader. I also need to stop being a blurt and stop being silly on the mat. I can do that by focusing on my work and listening to instructions. The thing I need to do is to put my hand up and stop just blurting out all of the answers.

 I can also challenge myself to stop talking to my friends and do my work and when I’m on the playground. I can also be friendly, caring and kind to other people.

I can challenge myself to keep on trying and practising my running for cross country next week. But I know I am going to achieve that!

Each year I need to try and try my best and if I say I can’t do it I should change it to I can’t do it yet! And then I know I will do it one day.