A challenge is something that is not always easy to do at first, but if you persevere, and put time and effort into it, you might succeed.

There are a lot of things that challenge you in life. For example a new job or a new school. A couple of years back my challenge was reading. I was terrible at it, but I always practised at home and at school. I never gave up, I persevered and tried. Now I’m reading at a good level for my age.

Last year I started playing hockey for Kaurihohore. Everyone was better than me, but you know what I did I would always spend time practising rather than going on the Ipad. I got better and better and now know that I play well for my team.

This year I’m a year 5 and everything is different like taking on leadership roles and having harder work.  I really want to learn all of my tables. plus I need to work on my 6’s 7’s and my 8’s.

 I’m having to do long division involving 3 digit numbers at school.  I find it challenging but I’m trying… I know I will eventually find them easy.

There is an online reading program called Reading Plus. I’m on level F. I have three more combos to level G but if you get red or yellow you don’t get a combo and that’s what’s happening to me. I’m getting really annoyed but I’m not giving up.

 Next week on Wednesday on the 21st of August it’s cross country. I personally don’t like running but my encouraging teacher Miss McInnes always says push yourself so I do.  I feel much better and feel like I have boosted my self-confidence.

  You are always going to have and face challenges but you will get through them with determination and grit.