The Pukeko is a native NZ bird.
The Pukeko is a medium-sized bird. It has red, blue and black feathers. The colour of its head is black and it’s eyes are red. Their legs are quite long. They also look quite chubby.
The Pukeko live in swamps and in streams. Some live in grassy areas and pastures. They even live in lagoons and in fresh or brackish water.
They lay 4 to 6 eggs per female. The highest amount of eggs is 18. They sit on their eggs for 23 to 27 days, and hatching takes over several days. Chicks leave their nest after 4 to 5 days.
Normally they eat insects and worms but they eat unusual things as well, like birds, frogs, eels and eggs. But they also eat normal things like berries.
Pukekos are a cool bird to study. I really like them.