The kea is an NZ native bird and it belongs to the parrot family.

Kea has olive green feathers. Kea have sharp upper beaks that can probably cut through a hot air balloon that’s in his or her way. Kea can grow up to 48cm tall which is the size of my drink bottle. Kea have four sharp claws on each foot and they use them to hold things while they are flying or climbing.

Kea like to live in cold places like at the top of tall Mountains playing in the freezing cold snow. They also live in the south island of NZ.

Kea eat whole roots, leaves, berries, nectar, insects, dead sheep, deer and even human garbage.

Kea lay up to 2-5 white eggs and the female stays on them for about 21 days for them to hatch.

I know that Kea can be annoying birds but I think they are special.