Hoiho is the yellow-eyed penguin that is mostly found in New Zealand.

Hoiho are grey and have these really distinctive eyes. They are 65 centimetres tall and their weight is 5 to 6 Kgs. They have web-like feet some strong front thighs and have a shining yellow ring around their neck.

Although they can’t fly they are excellent swimmers.


Hoiho eat a lot of different types of food like red cod, blue cod, like red cod. They eat up to 200 ml of baby fish when they are a baby. They also eat one of my most favourite squid-arrow squids, opal fish, ahuru, silverside, and obviously small fish,


Their habitat they would prefer would be these top 8 habitats. They live in native coastal forests scrubs under dense flax in hollow logs behind rocks and in big flax plants. They mostly live in NZ.

Hoiho lay some really interesting eggs. These eggs are 2 greenish brownish eggs. The egg size is 75×55 It doesn’t take long for their eggs to hatch. It takes 40 to 50 days to hatch. Their nests are in dense flax areas. I feel like Hoiho is a great bird that should not be killed by dogs. People need to keep their dog on a leash.to keep their dog on a leash.