A long time ago Maui’s brothers were going fishing and they said he couldn’t go. While his brothers were packing up ready to go Maui snuck onto the Waka. Then his brothers got onto the Waka his brothers didn’t notice him.

Then he pounced from the bottom of the Waka and his brothers saw him and were surprised he was on the Waka. His brothers went to sleep A few hours later. It was morning Maui was going to do some fishing so he threw his hook into the water and released it. He got hold of something heavy. He tried and tried with all his might to pull it up.

He wasn’t giving up finally he pulled it up. It was a stingray. Then Maui said to his brothers he was going to find his hook and warned his brothers not to damage the stingray. Then his brothers started bashing the stingray. Then Maui realised that the stingray was an Island and that is why the North Island is called Te Ika O Maui.¬†