Candles, Cookies And Clothes

Whananaki School Car Boot Sale A Booming Success


The car boot sale started on a sunny Saturday morning.

 The school was packed with 

people looking at stalls. 

I stopped at a stall and watched 

as banana bread, cookies,

 candles and books sold

 and money was handed in.

As I walked past stalls I was drawn to a stall full of candles and cookies selling smoothly. I struck up a conversation with the girl behind the counter and found she was ten. I also found out that she was the one burning her fingers off melting the unmeltable thick hard wax and adding nice smelling essential oils to make the lovely candles everyone was buying, and that she herself had baked the cookies. But that it was her sister who had made the delicious banana bread I just had to try. Bidding farewell to them I walked to the next stall to see what they had. By the time I’d walked around the whole school I’d seen all sorts of things from beeswax wraps to second-hand goods.

Visiting the ten-year-old and her sister for the last time I found out that she had had a great time and would love to come back next year.

Reporter: Lily Isabelle Dawson

Writer: Lily Isabelle Dawson