“Jack Flame! Wake Up this instant!”

As soon as Jack flame woke up he knew he was in trouble. Nobody used his full name to tell him good news.


“You slept through the entire test! Lucky for you, I was kind enough to give you an A…”

Jack looked up, Hopefully.

“For Abomination!”

The sound of laughter made poor Jack shrink down into his seat.

“I’ll get you for this…”

As Jack said those words he remembered his favourite dream. In it he burned the school down and burnt its inhabitants. As Jack thought about it he decided it was time to make his dream come true.

Jack was in his room. He was plotting on how to destroy the school. Jack kept drawing pictures of his teacher being destroyed. He was filled with rage and, Thanks to all the bad memories, Jack had fuel for his anger. He figured out what to do eventually. Jack was about to live up to his name…

As Jack walked over to the school he smiled.

“Lets see who’s the abomination now!”

Jack opened the door and set everything up. Soon the whole school was covered in oil. Then the match was lit. Jack hesitated. Did he really want this? Did he really want to become a Pyromaniac? Yes. Yes he did.

Jack Flame was found running from the school’s wreckage. The police tried to catch him, but the boy ran as if he was on fire. Then a reporter got hold of one of the policemen and the full story was revealed.

“Jack is a public menace. He burned down that school with ease!”

“But could the fire have been on accident?”

“Maybe. Now that you mention it, He’s just a kid! What harm can he do?”

The next morning The police station was ablaze. Then the town. And eventually a city. So next time you see a fire… blame Jack!