Goal: How to make Beeswax wraps to stop using so much plastic


Materials: Oven


                     Baking tray

                     Cotton fabric



                     Pinking shears


Steps: 1 Turn oven to 180 degrees

                2 Cut cotton fabric with pinking shears 30cm by 30cm.

                3 Get Beeswax and grate Beeswax into a bowl.

                4 Get baking tray, place tin foil over a baking tray.

                5 Get cotton fabric and Grated Beeswax.

                6 Sprinkle Beeswax over the Cotton fabric.

                7 Place Cotton fabric on tinfoil.

                8 Put the baking tray in the oven.

                9 Wait less than a minute.

                10 Let beeswax  dry in the air.