There are many things to do in Whangarei for people to do like go to the pools.


Whangarei has a place called the Aquatic centre and it is near the Town Basin. To get to this place you have to go over a bridge on Riverside Drive.


The pools are in a huge building. There is a pool called the Tidal Wave and it starts off small and then gets even deeper and even deeper than the shallow end. When you go out deep the wave’s are very strong because that’s where they start.


There’s also a slide and it is about 2 metres high in the air. You have to be 8 or over to go on the slide. If you are seven you can go with someone older. The slide has two tunnels to go in and there is a dark one and a daylight one but my favourite is the dark one because it is creepy.


I am so glad that we have an Aquatic centre.