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Champion Clay Bird Shooters


Finally, they arrived at the training fields. The champions Lachie, Logan, Shaun, Zach, Earl, Kim and Bruce were training for the boomstick championship called hunting season.


Bruce Peters was the expert clay bird shooter. He was well known for shooting parrys and mallards. His famous quote was “ It is not a competition but it will end up a competition.”

They were shooting then all of a sudden Lachie almost shot a cow.


It appeared out of nowhere so Lachie had to scare it away with a knife. Logan Mander was up next. He tucked the shotgun into his shoulder then it went dead silent all that could be heard was the birds singing in the wind. He yelled “ PULL” the clay bird went flying BANG Logan had dusted the clay bird clean out of the sky. Logan was the new champ.


On Logan’s first time shooting, he shot 7 clay birds he was proud of himself.