Five Nights At Freddy’s Virtual Reality.


Virtual Reality Five nights at Freddy’s 



Have you heard of something called five nights at Freddy’s well if you have your probably interested what you are seeing on the title page? 

Virtual Reality? As Five Nights at Freddy’s? Woah! This isn’t just a Five night at Freddy’s game where you just survive to 6 AM this is a game where you fix animatronics and discover secrets and clues even burning them down to the ground like Fazbear’s Fright!  If you get one thing wrong fixing or not keeping an eye of one of the robots trying to kill you you will straight up jump scared and probably scare the heck out of your skin down to the bone but the cool thing is you have got 2 options normal mode or Hard mode. If you see the front page the animatronics are all connected together it looks like its molten metal just burns their sides of the robots creepy! There’s one robot that looks like its a funky yellow bunny smiling all the time he comes closer and closer when you complete something to the point of him even fading away to make you think he isn’t there. Imagine you being in one of those suits and becoming one! Well, that’s all for today folks make sure one will not come to your house that’s your daily news.