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Kia Ora my name is Cordell Tepania and I am nine years old. I am turning ten this year on December the 21st. I was born in New Zealand in 2008. My Favourite Hobbies are Basketball and Rugby I love playing Basketball because I dribble the ball up and get the ball in the hoop. I like playing rugby because I like getting tries everywhere and like putting in tackles on people. I live in Whananaki North with my parent Dad and my brother Dajsean. We live in the school house right by the water. We can go bombing off the bridge and swim in the water with our dog. We have two pets, my floppy fat cat called D and my agent Dog Adidas. Another hobby that I really love is Minecraft on my Computer playing with my brother. We play Survival games, Parkour and building competitions. When I grow up I am gonna be a Youtube star and make Freddy’s Fazbears Pizzaria.

Krunker News

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Five nights at Freddy Virtual Reality

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My Place

My Place  The lounge was usual enough. It had a tv, couches, fireplace, remote and even an apple lapbook pro-computer to play amazing games on.   My brother and I did what mostly we always [...]

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Ruia Ruia Opea Opea Whiria Whiria Tahia Tahia Ko Tikorangi te Maunga Ko Ngati Kawa Te Mingi nga whenua Ko Moetangi te wahitapu Ko Karatia Waitiki nga Awa Ko Poho Tiare te Hapu Ko Parengarenga [...]

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