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How people are addicted to Krunker at Whananaki School


Have you heard of something called video games, well if you have you should know the name Krunker typical shooting game. Cordell Tepania will be talking about how people are addicted to krunker yup that’s right! But let’s see how this monstrosity happened to Whananaki school. There were 3 boys at Whananaki school Julian, Teina and Manaia they were good friends but one day Manaia had came to school with breaking news that he found the game Krunker. The two boys were happy to find out about this game as itwas pretty fun! This is how Whananaki School had got addicted to this game called Krunker but were not done yet you may be wondering wow this game was pretty cool or pretty boring and Cordell will be here how krunker is a pretty addictive game here’s one thing how people love to play Krunker. . . Hacking well that’s not the main thing but that’s one of them! Hacking on Krunker is one major thing if you have got hacks on krunker you will have the power to shoot through the walls your the new superman!


So once again Krunker is a very fun game so make sure you ask your friend to play a game of krunker with you and make sure you destroy your friend. That’s your daily news this morning.