It was an early wakeup for Dajsean. He was very tired and didn’t want to get up but, he had to get up to go to Wellsford and play for his Kamo rugby team. Dajsean arrived in Wellsford and in previous experience he knew that their team was not the best so he kindly joined their team with his bro, Rhythm. Their team Kamo was smoking Wellsford for most of the game until Dajsean scored and they began to strike back. Dajsean scored two tries and set up two tries. Dajsean was feeling good about that try then Rhythm scored another try and ripped many balls off many people. Wellsford was now ahead. It was a big surprise and everyone from Wellsford were all sparked up. It was a bit of a stalemate for a good 20 minutes. However, it was not long until the tides turned and Kamo started scoring tries. In the end, Kamo did win against Wellsford but it was an interesting and exciting game and Wellsford really appreciated how Rhythm and Dajsean had joined their team.