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Dajsean T

About Dajsean T

Kia ora I am a Year Seven Student who loves to play Basket ball, Rugby and Fortnite. I have been in several rep team such as Basket ball and Rugby.


  There once was a Girl Katrina Who became a ballerina High up on her toes And down on her nose Now she is a house cleaner

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Rugby by Dajsean

It was an early wakeup for Dajsean. He was very tired and didn’t want to get up but, he had to get up to go to Wellsford and play for his Kamo rugby team. Dajsean [...]

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Mr Chief

There once was a weird man called Jeff I met him when he was a chef    He chopped off my toes And there goes my nose Now he had become a deaf ref  

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Dajsean had rugby rep training for the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies rugby rep rugby team involves half of Whangarei schools. Dajsean arrived and trained for 2 hours. The first activity Dajsean did was passing and tackling [...]

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Dajsean’s Pepeha

Ruia Ruia Opea Opea Whiria Whiria Tahia Tahia Ko Tikorangi te a Maunga Ko Ngati Kawa Te Mingi nga whenua Ko Moetangi te wahitapu Ko Karatia Waitiki nga Awa Ko Poho Tiare te Hapu Ko [...]

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