Dajsean had rugby rep training for the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies rugby rep rugby team involves half of Whangarei schools. Dajsean arrived and trained for 2 hours. The first activity Dajsean did was passing and tackling drills. Then the team split up. Forwards went with Ryan and backs went with Cory. The forwards did lineout drills and the backs did their back plays. They trained on this for 30 minutes then got back together to play forwards against backs. It was a close battle but the forwards won. Dajsean is a forward so he was happy that the forwards won. They went onto a team run going through some team plays. Putting the moves they just practiced into there team run. The Grizzlies play the same way the All Blacks play. It’s called 1 3 3 1. The prop and hooker are the ones and threes are the other forwards. It was a great training Dajsean thought. His coach is always looking for improvement but he liked this training in particular.