The Deltah Daily

Duck Disaster!

Pateke population on the line


s the duck shooting season comes to an end Deltah Woodfield and young bird enthusiast Alena Woodfield investigate the scene for any misplaced gunshots. Surely enough there were 5 dead pateke, bullet shells nestled deep below their skin as Alena and Deltah walked along the edge of the creek on the land that the family leases for grazing.GORE WARNING!!!!!1!11!!

 It was a gruesome sight. One’s eye was even popping out of the yellow ring surrounding its socket. The dry blood had solidified and formed a thin maroon shell over the ground. They immediately sprinted back to the house to alert their mother Ruth Dawson. Concerned, she told Alena and Deltah to show her and prove they weren’t mallards. Surely enough they were Pateke.
 Ruth was the first to notice the peeping. Alena and Deltah instantly started searching

through the grass. It wasn’t long before they found the 3 ducklings quack-peeping in the grass, calling for their mother. Alena picked them up and tucked the ducklings in her jumper to keep them warm. They then drove to DOC and dropped off the orphan Pateke. 

BONUS NEWS!Here’s an exclusive interview with Lachlan Peters on the mysterious gunshots he heard in the distance.

“Are you sure it wasn’t Logan Mander, your friend and fellow Duck shooter?”

“ %100 sure”

“What time of day was it?”

“6 on the dot. As soon as it’s legal to start duck shooting people do.”

“Do you think the shooting you heard was the shooting on our property?”

“I dunno.”

“OK thanks bye”.

~Deltah Woodfield