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Riding Tokerau

It was another Sunday, but today was a special Sunday it was Jazzy’s birthday. She was heading to Tokerau beach on the 16th of June. Tokerau Beach is 14km long, Jazzy was feeling excited about the trip, they travelled in her Mum’s car. 


Jazzy’s mum rode Zeus, a beautiful horse with the coat a nice dark chestnut brown, Jazzy was riding Robin she was brave enough to ride the tallest horse there. Her horse had the same glorious coat has her mum’s horse. The other people were riding Indy and Bonnie. Two horses with a relaxed personality. There was a little white horse called Poppy. She just followed around everybody, who she thought was interesting. Jazzy couldn‘t ride with her mum because Robin would kick Zeus ON PURPOSE. Naughty Robin!


As they were walking along the beach they saw an adorable baby hammerhead shark on the beach. They turned around at the first to have a little peek, but soon realized it wasn’t breathing. Oh! Jazzy couldn’t help feeling a little bad for the baby.


A funny thing that happened was Poppy was a little hungry and went into some strangers lunch bag! Jazzy thinks this is a great experience and recommends it for everybody. She loved it so much she wants to come back again.