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My name is Deltah Woodfield. I was born in Whangarei, 19th of July, 2008. When I was just 1 I moved to Whananaki and when I was 5 I became lucky enough to get into Whananaki school, the best school in the world. I own my own pony and set aside time for him every day after school. I am interested in writing, reading, surfing, cooking and HORSES!!! I live down the road from school with my Mum, Stepdad, two sisters, two brothers and farm animals on a small scale farm. When I grow up I want to become a zookeeper but I might get a few books published if I´m lucky, so look forward to that :D

Deltah’s Pepeha

Ko Ranginui ki runga Ko Papatuanuku ki raro Ko Onekainga te Maunga Ko Te Wairahi te Awa Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te Waka Ko Whakapaumahara te Marae Ko Ngati Rehua te Hapu Ko Ngati Wai te Iwi [...]

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  Spring has sprung, The proof is all around us. Newborn lambs frolicking and grazing, Everyone is happy. Beauty all around us, In blossoming plants and joyful creatures. Winter is gone but the frost still [...]

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