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Tips and Top Hats


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After a long drive, a wrong stop and a trek around the impenetrable fortress that is Whangarei Primary (the one on Bank Street), Deltah and her mum Ruth had FINALLY arrived at the author-illustrator lesson.
Donovan Bixley had a bright smile on his face as he welcomed the children and their parents. He wore a black top hat and an old-fashioned tuxedo. He has written over 100 books! He has written in a lot of genres of books, so the chances are you own one or two of his works. He has even done a collaboration with Margaret Mahy!

Donovan starts a book by just sketching on the floor. If he liked the drawing or the concept and wanted to draw more of that thing, he would write a book about it.Image result for donovan bixley

For example, he likes drawing old warplanes, so he drew one flying above the Eiffel tower because he hoped to go there one day. Instead of a human flying the plane he drew a cat because he likes animals. A few years later ‘Flying Furballs’ is a series of his featuring 9 books!
Deltah believes that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Meeting Donovan was very inspiring and it’s awesome how far he’s come as an author and illustrator. You can visit his website:

~Deltah Woodfield