140kg Boar Charges at Boy

An eyewitness account of a boar charging.


Arron and Cruz were on the grass crawling towards the valley. They had their guns locked and loaded. It was too dark to see through their scopes, but they could just make out the shape of at least 20 pigs. So they took aim and fired. Arron hit one while Cruz hit the another. Suddenly a rush of adrenaline kicked in once they realized that there were at least 20 pigs running everywhere including straight towards them. Arron started blind firing at the 140kg boar hit two of his shots but that just made it worse it started bucking and screaming. Arron hit the boar to steer it off course towards the bush and then finally it collapsed and stopped screaming.


So that was the real-life story from the hunters who experienced it themselves. A lucky escape but just by the hairs on their chinny chin chin.