Cringey Superhero Saves Universe


Netflix offers its viewers a look into the Superhero World!

Here we have the Super Lopez, a now world-renowned superhero that has saved the universe after a corrupt tech company owner also from his planet tried to kill him after a 30-year plot. 

You have your Supermans and Spidermans and now you have an all-round superhero, Super Lopez!

Now you may be thinking, he isn’t a real superhero but surprisingly he is. He has the ability of laser vision, super strength and of course, flight. His family from a distant planet that was attacked when he was just two days old.  His parents saved him because when the bad guys attacked they put him in an escape capsule and launched him off to planet earth, NZ!. Where in New Zealand do you ask? Whangarei of course!  

He crashed landed in the middle of a farm paddock and his capsule almost hit his present-day parents’ pickup truck. 


Now, when the bad guys raided the home the evil leader guy had a daughter which was the lady who tried to kill him 30 years later. She also launched down to earth in honor and to help her father, Dun dun dun. So after 30 years, Super Lopez made a heroic scene by stopping a train that was going to crash and it was caught on CCTV.  However, the CCTV was actually the ‘evil ladyś’ company that she had created just to destroy Super Lopez. 


The Evil Lady went on the news and told the man whoever it was to come forward ’cause apparently they could do great things together. But really she just wanted to kill him. 


He was fooled!  Off to lady’s place he goes… but then suddenly guards swarmed him from every angle. He obviously won and then she and her so-called empire were arrested and “he” went back home to save his family. 

However, instead of actually going, he sent some random fat Mexican in a spiderman suit do it for him.  WEIRD!

…. and then the fat Mexican started making out with Super Lopezś mum while he was just chilling after saving the universe!

So that was the cringey and totally true story of a real superhero.