Say you chuck a tiny piece of rubbish out of the car window, drop it or carelessly leave your rubbish lying around, well that contributes to a worldwide issue known well as Ocean Pollution.

Ocean Pollution causes the extinction of marine life and dirties our waters. The 2011 Japan Tsunamis made waters black with the amount of pollution in their waters. Chucking out that tiny piece of rubbish that you don’t really think about too much or even large pieces of rubbish are killing our marine life as well as making the water dirty.

So think about it this way say you get a nice frozen coke, it comes with a straw right? So you finish the frozen coke and then proceed to chuck that straw out the window as if it’s just something to be chucked out into our wildlife/sealife well guess what you could have just killed a fish.

 For example turtles, when they see a jellyfish they jump at the opportunity for food and eat that jellyfish. Well, when plastic bags are in the water they look very similar to a jellyfish so obviously they are going to try and eat that plastic bag, and so when they digest that plastic bag they become on the death list and almost every time they don’t get off that death list. So everybody that litters are basically murders.

This means for Whananaki that if we keep up our terrible habit classified as littering, Our estuary  will eventually become unsafe for us to swim in which personally, I would not enjoy. In addition to that your summer swims that you love so much, could all be taken away if we litter. So think to yourself would you want that? No more summer swims? I don’t think you would, so before you litter think about the consequences, not the fact you want to get rid of the rubbish.

Oceans are polluted by oil nearly everyday, this causes death to marine life because oil cannot dissolve in water, so the oil that is dumped becomes a thick sludge like substance in the water which causes fish to suffocate on this and die. Asia is the country that has the most waste dumping, there seas basically look like rubbish dumps. If we keep polluting, our seas eventually will just become a home for our rubbish, which the thought of is just horrific.

We can help reduce our pollution by by simply going eco starting to recycle or just stop littering.

It is important we stop polluting before it grows too late, and we become Asia’s twin.