A challenge is something that is not always easy to do at first. But if you keep on learning you will get there in the end.

To meet a challenge, you have to have a great sense of determination and grit. Like when I first started Reading Plus (an online reading program ) I was stuck on level A for a while but a year later, I thought to myself hey I have got the hang of this. Because now I am in front of Mary-Jane and Grace W. 

When I started maths I was very bad at it and didn´t know any of my divisions and tables, but now I know how to do most of my tables and long division.

Next week is cross- country and that is a huge challenge for me. Because I hate running but I try to catch up to the faster people but it is complicated and tiring. So I do not try sometimes but maybe it could change.

 If you can not achieve a challenge then try again another time. If you’re annoyed at it practise with grit and determination!