The Kea is a NZ native bird.

The Kea’s feathers are olive green have a bit of orange. Kea have a black outline around their feathers. A Kea also has a strange look. The Kea’s eyes are brown, they have really sharp eyes and sharp claws as well. A Kea is about 48cm tall.

A kea lives in the South Island of NZ. They live in places like the native forest, rocky outcrops, herb-fields and other places like that.

A kea lays two to five white eggs. That’s the number of eggs they lay. Kea can breed each year. The keas eggs are eaten by their predators which are stoats, possums and animals like that.

The Kea eat food like sheep, deer, chamois, tahr, beetles, fruit, seeds, larvae, roots and nectar from flowers.

I think a kea is a really nice bird even though it puts dents on your car.