The Kakapo is an NZ. endemic bird.

A Kakapo has soft green feathers covering most of its body, with small areas of black and yellow. On their face, kakapo have whiskers and a large pale blue beak. They have study legs and although they are flightless birds their wings are useful for balance while walking or running.

Kakapo live on the coastal areas of the southern New Zealand Island. Kakapo can live on Tussocklands, Scrublands and forests in the southern NZ Island.

Kakapo breed in Summer and Autumn, but only in years of good food abundance. On Islands in southern New Zealand, they breed when rimu trees fruit, which is once every 2 to 4 years. Kakapo are lek breeders. Males call from track and bowl systems to attract females for mating.

Kakapo eat seeds, nuts, fruits, berries and instead of admiring flowers… THEY EAT THEM! Yup and Kakapo absolutely love rimu tree fruit!

Kakapo are amazing birds I like them because they look so cute and funny when they run, so protect Kakapo!!!