The Hoiho or yellow-eyed penguins are NZ endemic birds.

A Hoiho is tall but small. It grows 65 cm tall and weighs 5 to 6 kgs. Its eyes are bright yellow and it has a grey and whitish belly. They have a yellow ring around its eye.

Hoiho lay up to two eggs in rocks or huge bushes. Their breeding seasons are July June and May. When the female lays their eggs it’s mostly in October or September.

Hoiho live in coastal forests scrubs and flax bushes. They live mostly down in Stewart island and Southland and are spotted in the north of Otago and they only live in NZ nowhere else.

Hoiho eat a lot of fish and other things but there’s a couple that I do know and that’s opal fish silverside sprat red cod blue cod and some time squid and one I don’t know and that’s ahuru. They hunt for prey between 2-25km offshore and they are divers that go so close to the bottom and reach the depths of 40-120 metres

Hoiho are one of the native birds in NZ but they are all different because this one can stay in the water for a very long time and they only come back up for breathing