Wetapunga meaning the God of the Ugly things are the biggest and heaviest insects on earth.


Weta have six long and strong spiny hairy legs. On the back of a weta it is really shiny. When it’s in the sun it is a bit sparkly. The colour of a weta is brown and a tiny bit of black.


A weta’s habitat is usually in garden’s, forests, shrubs, in excavated holes under rocks or rotting logs.


In Autumn the weta female lays around six-ten eggs under the surface. Weta lay their eggs in Autumn and in Spring they hatch.


Even though a weta is an insect they can eat food like leaves, fruit and plants. A weta can also eat insects.


Weta weigh around 35 grams. In other countries, there are similar insects. They are known as crickets and grasshoppers.


Did you know that a Weta weighs more than a mouse?


I think that weta are ok insects but they can be scary sometimes.