Whio are small ducks that are native to NZ. They are flightless.


Whio are blue and have webbed feet for faster swimming because they get their resources in the water. Whio have waterproof feathers so they don’t get wet while they hunt.  A Whio’s body can grow up to 54 cm long. 


The Whio are very good swimmers hence the fact they live on boulders in the rapids. They also live in lakes and swamps.


Whio breed from late August to early September. Whio incubate their eggs for 35 days. The female Whio does the incubating while the male guards the nest.


The Whio’s diet mainly consists of larvae along with small aquatic invertebrates with a side of berries.


I hope Whio don’t become extinct because they are very good at being funny and they are an NZ bird.