Weta are furious and aggressive insects that weigh 35g and are endemic NZ insects. The heaviest weta is as heavy as a mouse.

They have a very spiny body with curved tusks and have no wings at all and their colours are often many kinds of shaded brown and maybe gold but not really.

If you wanna know where these fascinating insects live then they would prefer grassland forest and smallish caves or logs and I don’t know how they get up in trees or why they live in rotting logs.

This insect lays up to 300 eggs in a lifetime and always lay in Summer and Spring and the eggs hatch in Autumn. When a male weta meets a group of females he takes them all into one hole but I don’t know if this is really true but if it is I’ll figure out.

What else do these insects do and what amazing stuff do they do to survive? They often prey on the food until they give up and surrender and accept their fate but they can get eaten by many other weta like tree weta and the heaviest weta also.

To be friends with them you’ve gotta know stuff about them first.