The kiwi is a native NZ bird. There are five different kinds of kiwi.

Their body is shaped like a pear and has thin hair-like feathers. They have a nostril on their beak and they use their strong legs to pick up materials for a nest or burrow. Even though kiwis have wings it doesn’t mean they can fly.

Most kiwis live in forests rough farmland and maybe sand dunes. There are more places that kiwis live but there are too many to talk about,

All kiwi eat the same thing like worms, bugs and all kinds of berries but I never knew kiwis ate eels and crayfish. There is one type of food that I do not know and that’s invertebrates which have no backbones.

Female kiwis lay one enormous egg that might be 2.20 pounds or more

But when the female lays the egg she doesn’t look after the egg but the male kiwi does and it’s egg takes 70-80 days for kiwi eggs to grow.

The only thing I don’t like about kiwi is that they are the most unseeable birds ever because they come out in the night.