The pukeko is a native to N.Z.  Pukeko are found in most of N.Z.  Pukeko are also known as the swamp hen.


All pukeko have black, blue and white feathers.  Pukekos have red eyes, they have a red beak and a red shield.  They have strong orange legs.  Did you know pukeko can swim, they can swim under water when they’re disturbed but they don’t have webbed feet!  They have four toes.


Pukeko can live in many different places.  They can live in lagoons, grassy areas, swampy places and brackish water.


Pukeko eat grass, roots, worms, berries, frogs, baby eels, other small animals and eggs.


Pukeko have predators, these are the predators – hawks, dogs, cats and men.

Life cycle

Pukeko lay five or six eggs each clutch.  The eggs are a grey-brown colour.  Pukeko eggs hatch in about three weeks, they can fly in three months.  Pukeko are cool birds.

By Lucy