Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

Kapa Haka Noho/ Sleepover

Next week on Friday we will have a sleepover at school to prepare for the Kapa Haka festival at Whangaruru School. Students in Rooms 1 & 2 will be staying the night sleeping in the classrooms. Students in Room 3 can stay the night if they have a parent staying. If your child/ children are not staying the night they can stay after school on Friday but will need to be picked up at 7.00pm. On Saturday we will start practice at 9.00am, so if your child/ children are not staying can you please get them back to school on Saturday. We will finish at 12.00pm. You are most welcome to come down at any time.

For dinner, we are asking if you can provide the following:

  • 2 large lasagne dishes
  • 2 large macaroni & cheese dishes
  • 3 salads
  • Baking for supper and morning tea on Saturday
  • Fruit
  • 8 cans of baked beans
  • large milo

If you cannot provide any food can you please send in $5 per family to go towards Pizza.

Your child/ children will need:

  • Mattress, pillow, blanket/ sleeping bag
  • Change of clothes
  • Sleeping clothes
  • Toothbrush, face cloth

Whangaruru Kapa Haka Festival

On Thursday the 7th of November is the Whangaruru Kapa Haka Festival. We will transport there by car leaving Whananaki School at 8.00am. There will be hangi for sale but you need to pre-order through school. The hangi is $10 each. Please fill in the form below indicating if you can provide transport and how many hangi you require. Money must be sent into school or paid into the school bank account to secure your hangi.

Hikurangi Athletics

The students in Years 4-8 are practicing for the Hikurangi Zone Athletics. We will be taking the top 2 boys and girls in each year level & event to compete at Hikuarngi School on Tuesday the 12th November.

Final Assembly

If you have a trophy from last year can you please return to school next week. Start thinking about what your raft will look like this year?!?!


We will need helpers to drive and deliver our phone books. The dates are Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th December.

Notices & upcoming events:

Labour Day 28-10-2019

Noho (sleepover) Friday 1st November at school.

Kapa Haka Festival 07-11-2019

Hikurangi Zone Athletics 12-12-2019

Phone Book Deliveries 2,3,4-12-2019

Final Assembly Tuesday 17th December 2019

End of Year Friday 20th December 2019

Fill out and return to school

Kapa Haka Noho

I give permission for _______________________ to attend the Kapa Haka Noho/ Sleepover:  Yes/ No

I can stay Friday night Yes/ No

I can provide(please circle)

  • Large lasagne, Large macaroni & cheese, Salad, Baking, Fruit, Baked Beans, Milo

Whangaruru Kapa Haka Festival

I can provide transport to and from Whangaruru School: Yes/ No

How many students including your own child/ children: __

I can only transport my child/ children: Yes/ No

I would like ___ hangi

Phone Books

I can be a driver of a van on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday(please circle)

I can be a runner on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday(please circle)

Any comments or questions: